Jenny Saville Exhibition

Jenny Saville

I would say I would be seen in Oxford’s MOMA once or twice a week, perhaps not up in the great exhibition space but having a coffee in their jaunty cafe or just browsing in their shop, on the look out for anything new.  On Friday 22nd June I was fortunate to be invited to Jenny Saville’s opening of her Exhibition.  The place was rife with activity, canapes and sparkling were being passed out, the cloakroom quickly filling up and a high expectation of what to expect from the already highly respected Oxford based artist.

Work at Oxford MOMA I find varies greatly and what I immediately found refreshing about Saville’s Exhibition was the simple use of drawing and paint.  It empathises with Savilles decision to draw on subject matter such as life, death and the human form. The painting style is strong, one can see the individual brush strokes which I find very different to the careful and accurate drawing that layers some of the works.  Movement clearly is very important in a lot of the work, capturing different poses in the same instance that draws on the futurists, youth and violence resonate in her work.

I would highly recommend seeing this Exhibition

Image: Jenny Saville, Red Stare Head I 2007-2011. Oil on Canvas

Friday 22 June 2012

The Exhibition runs through till untill 16 September 2012.

30 Pembroke Street, Oxford OX1 1BP


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